Sangria Roja, Red Sangria

November 21, 2022

Red Sangria

Get the Party Started with The Taco Stop's Easy Sangria Recipe

I'm excited to share our Easy Sangria Recipe from our restaurant, The Taco Stop! It's no secret that our Mexican restaurant is a Fort Collins favorite and one of the best in the region. But did you know it's also known for its delicious Sangria? Try our recipe and make The Taco Stop's Sangria at your next party!

When To Serve Sangria?

Sangria is a drink that can be served year-round, but it's incredibly trendy during holiday parties. It can be mixed in batches ahead of time so that all you need to do is pour it and add ice. So if you want a delicious and easy recipe to serve at your next party, this one from our Mexican restaurant is perfect!

Ingredients Required

Our recipe is great for evenings when you're cooking dinner with friends with easy-to-find ingredients and uncomplicated steps. Ingredients and step-by-step instructions are below.

-1 bottle of red wine

-1 bottle of brandy

-1 cup of Grenadine for flavor

-3/4 of a cup of orange juice for flavor

-Chop fresh fruit apples, pineapple, and strawberries

-Top it off with plain soda water

1) Pour One bottle of red wine and a bottle of brandy into a large pitcher or punch bowl. 2) Add 1 cup of Grenadine for flavor. 3) Add 3/4 of a cup of orange juice for flavor 4) Add chopped fresh fruit, such as apples, pineapple, and strawberries. 5) Top it off with plain soda water. 6) How long to soak ingredients?

What Type Of Wine Is Good For Sangria?

When choosing the type of wine for your Sangria, you will have to consider what you personally enjoy most; some people prefer white wine and others like red. If you want to follow our recipe, we recommend Pinot Noir because it has berry notes—that pair great with fresh fruit! In addition, wide varieties of Pinot Noir have a low tannin level. Tannins are naturally found in grapes and create a distinctive dry sensation on the tongue. A great white wine to use for Sangria would be Riesling. This wine has more acidity than Pinot Noir but still pairs nicely with fresh fruit flavors. With these qualities, Riesling can be a great alternative to red wine when making our easy Sangria recipes from home.

Top 10 List Of Fruit For Sangria

You're going to want to have a variety of fruit for Sangria. A good rule of thumb is to include fruits with similar flavors as those present in your wine. Our top 10 fruits for Sangria are listed below.

1. Apples are refreshing and tart, which is why they go really well in Sangria.

2. Pineapple provide a tangy acidity that blends well with most wines.

3. Strawberries not only add a nice pop of red to any drink, but they are packed with antioxidants and sweetness.

4. Grapes provide flavor without being too overwhelming, and their skin provides a natural color for your drink.

5. Oranges are sweet and sour simultaneously, giving the Sangria an orange flavor with a bit of zest.

6. Lemons give your Sangria some citrus flavor without changing it completely.

7. Pears add a sweet texture that can be crisp or buttery.

8. Peaches add a mix of sweet and sour flavor.

9. Plums make the perfect addition to Sangria because they make your wine taste sweeter and give it a beautiful rosy hue.

10. Blackberries not only have a beautiful purple color but are also very tangy.

What Glass To Serve Sangria In?

The traditional glass for serving Sangria is a giant balloon wine glass or a short tumbler glass. These are best when filled about three-quarters of the way full to leave room for ice and fruit slices. Of course, any tall drinking glass will do if you don't have a wine glass! We usually store our glasses in the refrigerator while the Sangria ingredients soak, but you can also enjoy the Sangria on the rocks by filling the glasses with ice and then pouring in the Sangria. Apply sugar and spice to the edges of your glass for added zest.

Do You Eat The Fruit In Sangria?

Some people consider it to be unacceptable to eat the fruit in Sangria. In contrast, others view it as an essential part of the drink. Whether you are one of those who choose to nibble on some fruit or not, there is no doubt that the sliced fruit served with the Sangria soaks up the flavors and is delicious to eat! Despite how challenging it can be to reach the fruit at the bottom of the glass, we believe it's worth the effort.

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