Our Story

The Taco Stop has become a staple of Fort Collins cuisine over the last few years. Originally serving authentic Mexican tacos out of our Taco Cart downtown, we made a name for ourselves in our community. Once we bought a food truck, we proudly joined the Fort Collins Food Truck Rally and were able to offer our delicious food to the taco lovers across Northern Colorado. In 2020,The Taco Stop became a delicious restaurant and bar with the same amazing tacos that gained us such a loyal following from the very beginning.

If you are a taco lover looking to have your taco craving satisfied, we are the only
stop you need to make!

From humble beginnings

A passion for serving only authentic MEXICAN cuisine

Started by Cesar Lopez and Berenice Longoria in August of 2012, The Taco Stop has become a welcome sight and a destination for taco lovers everywhere. Berenice grew up in Texas and Cesar grew up in Mexico City where he learned how to craft the perfect street taco menu in culinary school. We are here to provide Fort Collins with a truly authentic culinary experience. We started with the original cart, and then acquired a beautiful new truck.

The Taco Stop has been well equipped to handle the many taco cravings throughout Northern Colorado but get ready for more because we now have a restaurant! We aren’t your typical Mexican restaurant, come and enjoy tacos with a wonderful margarita or a cold beer in our family friendly environment. Hosting at home? No problem, The Taco Stop delivers fresh food straight to your door as well!

Taco Cart 2012


At the very beginning of our adventures, we started at festivals and a downtown Fort Collins street corner only serving tacos and quesadillas with steak and spinach. People loved us so much during those early years and we appreciated the loyal support that kept us busy.

Taco Trailer 2015

Taking the next step

Next, we got a full trailer to meet our customers' needs and expanded our menu by adding more meat options like Pork Pastor and more options which allowed our tacos to reach legendary status. People we asking for more and we did our best to meet the growing love for authentic Mexican street tacos.

Taco Truck 2018


By 2018, we purchased a taco truck and began visiting catering for our customers and visiting the weekly city park summer food truck rally in Fort Collins. Placed like New Belgium became a frequent customer of ours and the tacos lovers of Fort Collins could find us all around the city. We got the truck changed design a bit so people could recognize us while representing our colors from Mexico.

Restaurant 2020


We were finally able to achieve our goal in 2020 to open our full restaurant, we found a beautiful space and began to make it our own. After months of hard work, we were ready to open our doors, but the world wasn't thanks to a pandemic. With the help of loyal customers and our online ordering, we powered through this rough period. When Larimer county allowed us to have dine-in service again, we surged ahead and have been going strong ever since!

words From Our Founders

"We always knew we wanted a restaurant, but starting as a taco cart helped us learn and understand our customers. Looking back thru memory lane we wouldn’t be here without you! You gave us a try, you gave us the opportunity to do what we love, and gave us the chance to grow. Because of you, The Taco Stop has been well equipped to handle the many taco cravings throughout Northern Colorado but get ready for more because we now have a restaurant!

Come say hi and stop by for a Taco! Con Amor Amigos!"