New Mexican Restaurant in Fort Collins: The Taco Stop's Story

August 7, 2022

The Taco Stop Grand Opening in Fort Collins, CO

New Mexican Restaurant in Fort Collins: The Taco Stop's Story

Our new Mexican restaurant recently opened in Fort Collins, CO. We've had an exciting journey, starting with our decision to run a food cart, moving to operate as a food truck, and finally opening up as an actual restaurant. We have so much love and passion for the Fort Collins community. We're excited to share that love with you at our brick-and-mortar location on South College Avenue. Please read this blog post to hear our story!

How we began

When we first started our business in 2012, it was just a food cart. We had a great location in Downtown Fort Collins on College and Oak, and we quickly became known for our authentic Mexican food. We decided to formalize things as our business grew by getting a food truck. This allowed us to serve more people at local breweries and be mobile. Eventually, we realized we wanted to put down roots in the community and envisioned opening our restaurant.

Our Restaurant Expansion

We are excited to announce that our dream has become a reality! We expanded and now have a full-fledged restaurant! We've been working hard to make this vision happen and love being able to share our delicious Mexican food with even more people. The Taco Stop restaurant is located in South Fort Collins, and we're open for lunch and dinner. Every day we are surrounded by friends who want to hear about what is new on the menu or stop in for a quick bite before going out with friends. It is incredible to see this change from what was originally an idea as a simple taco cart into a full-fledged restaurant serving some of the best Mexican food in town! We love being able to share our culture and food with the Fort Collins community, and we can't imagine doing anything else!

Restaurant Grand Opening During Covid-19

The Taco Stop restaurant opened its doors for dine-in on its 8th anniversary to the public in 2020. Before that, it was just take-out due to Covid. So it was a momentous occasion for César and me. We had worked tirelessly to prepare for dine-in opening day, and it was crazy! Since the mask mandate had just been lifted and social distancing was still required, we weren't sure if people would actually come and sit down. Instead, all of our supporters showed up and celebrated with us. I was blown away by the support of the community. It was an unforgettable day for everyone involved and the start of a new chapter for The Taco Stop.

Opening the restaurant was no easy task. As far as obstacles go, Covid was by far the biggest. There were food shortages, employees who couldn't come in, and crazy rules, but we made it through. Seeing friends and family enjoying themselves at our restaurant has made all the hard work worthwhile. I've enjoyed watching families eat dinner together and kids running around smiling. Looking around the restaurant after hours, I'm reminded of all we've accomplished.

Day-to-Day Operations

It takes a lot of hard work to keep a restaurant running smoothly day in and day out. From prepping food to cooking, to serving and cleaning, there is always something to be done. And it takes a team of dedicated staff members to make it all happen. We love our customers and strive to provide the best possible experience for them. Still, behind the scenes, many people help with everything from making food to serving and interacting with guests. Each staff member brings their own skill set that helps create a unique experience at The Taco Stop - one you won't find anywhere else! In many ways, our customers are like friends and family to us. And what is the first thing you do when friends or family come over? You clean, get everything ready and make sure they want to keep coming back! :)

What Does The Future Hold For Us? 

I see nothing but bright skies ahead! Every day more and more people stop by The Taco Stop. Our customers tell me how much they enjoy the food and the welcoming atmosphere; this makes me proud to be a part of this great community.

10-Year Anniversary Party - Aug 9TH 6 PM

We are so excited to celebrate our 10th anniversary! Join us on August 9th at 6 PM for a night of fun at The Taco Stop. There will be food and drink specials, raffles, and live entertainment. We can't wait to celebrate with you all! For more party details, click this link